Leadership Maryland, created in 1992, is an independent statewide leadership program to develop informed senior-level leaders.  Our goal is to cultivate the interest, the statewide knowledge and the leadership capacities of Maryland’s leaders.

Each year, 50 accomplished and diverse leaders from around the state are selected by a group of their peers to participate in a stimulating and thought-provoking eight-month educational program.  The program is intense; the results are rich and rewarding.  Class members converge monthly, April through November, in five different regions of the state for a series of two-day sessions. 

These sessions include programming on Maryland’s most current and vital issues, such as, education, economic development, health and human services, criminal justice, the environment, agriculture, and multi-culturalism/diversity.  At its core, Leadership Maryland is about the importance of leadership, differing opinions and perspectives, and relationships.

Future Session Dates

2019 Sessions 
March 11 (evening reception)
April 11 & 12 (mandatory)
May 16 & 17
June 20 & 21
July 18 & 19
September 19 & 20
October 17 & 18
November 15
December 10

2020 Sessions
March 23 (evening reception) 
April 23 & 24 (mandatory)
May 14 & 15
June 18 & 19
July 16 & 17
September 24 & 25
October 22 & 23
November 13
December 8

2021 Sessions
March 15 (evening reception)
April 22 & 23 (mandatory)
May 20 & 21
June 17 & 18
July 15 & 16
September 23 & 24
October 21 & 22
November 12
December 7

2022 Sessions
March 14 (evening reception)
April 21 & 22 (mandatory) *dates were April 28 & 29; updated 5/22/2019
May 19 & 20
June 16 & 17
July 14 & 15
September 15 & 16
October 13 & 14
November 11
December 6

2023 Sessions
March 13 (evening reception)
April 20 & 21 (mandatory)
May 18 & 19
June 15 & 16
July 13 & 14
September 14 & 15
October 12 & 13
November 10
December 5

Sample Agendas

 April - Orientation – Eastern Region


The goal of the orientation session is to foster interpersonal relationships among the members of the class; to begin to build a team that can work together and draw on each other’s talents and resources when confronted with community problems; and, to provide a framework within which to understand the complexities of leadership.

2013 Orientation Retreat Agenda

May - Education Session – Southern Region

If we accept that education is the basis for a sound economy, what should students study and how do we know we are successful in teaching them? We are reminded that in Maryland, as in the nation, we have speakers of many languages. We celebrate the success of several outstanding schools, and cringe when we see the challenges of others. And, when we step outside the classroom, into the real world, we are reminded again about the many pieces of basic, necessary skills, knowledge, and information that we often take for granted.

2013 Education Session Agenda

June - Health and Human Services – Central Region

From the Maryland center for Veterans’ Education and Training to the Living Classrooms, the class explores the impact of budget cuts, welfare reform, urban blight and the heroic efforts to improve the lives of youth, adults, and the aged. Dealing with the underserved has been called “one of the state’s greatest challenges.”  In some places, we see levels of success in dealing with human care issues; but we are confronted with our failures as well. The products of those failures are also humans who need care, and beyond care, to reform, to return again to a responsible position in our society, contributing to our society, contributing to our good, rather than exhausting our resources.  Many of these failures become part of the criminal justice system.

2013 Health & Human Services Session Agenda

July - Criminal Justice – Western Region

In one of the most intellectually and emotionally challenging sessions, the class visits a maximum security prison.  We have a chance to talk with convicts, to explore the issues related to the correction and prevention of criminal behavior. On the cutting edge, Maryland has tried new and courageous solutions.  The session includes the Administrations’ perspective, leadership models and best practices.

2013 Criminal Justice Session Agenda

September - Environment – Eastern Region

Maryland’s unique quality of life is in part due to the natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay.  There must be a way to respond to the dilemma that requires us to choose between the economy and the environment.  We spend a session cruising the wonderful waterways of the Eastern Shore with environmental experts.  We learn about the poultry industry through visits to a chicken grower’s farm and a poultry processing facility.  Leadership models and the perspectives of scientists, landowners, developers, bureaucrats, farmers, and watermen are considered as we review the environmental problems related to agriculture, development and sprawl.

2013 Environment Session Agenda

October - Multi-Culturalism & Diversity – Capital Region

We are a diverse class, we are Marylanders!  We celebrate the traditions of diverse cultures and explore the challenges our diverse culture brings to immigrants, schools systems, businesses, and others.

2013 Multi-Culturalism & Diversity Session Agenda

November - Closing Retreat – Southern Maryland

Class members discuss their goals, independence, dependence, and interdependence.  There is time for reflections on the year spent in the program and a call to action for leaders to take the next step in their lives to make a difference, personally and professionally, in their communities and for Maryland.

2012 Closing Retreat Agenda