In Memoriam

Of the 1,000+  members of Leadership Maryland, we mourn the loss of the following members who contributed so much to the success of Leadership Maryland:

Booker T. Carter, Jr. '95
Dr. John H. Cox '99
Donora L. Dingman '97
Joseph M. Forni '94
Marcia Harris '02
Robert V. Hess '97
George R. Houston, Jr. '99
Richard E. Hug, Inaugural Chair of the Board
William Hussmann '93
Sheryl Kerr '96 
Bishop H. Gerard "Jerry" Knoche '02
Joyce A. Kroeller '00
Klein Leister '95
Bradley T. MacDonald '09
James Maffit, Esq. '95
Jack Mason '95
R. Michael S. Menzies, Sr. '99
Dr. William Merwin '97
Nancy Minieri, Leadership Maryland Founder and President Emerita
T. Conrad Monts '02
Michael V. Murphy, AIA '09
John "Denny" Murray '97
Spence W. Perry, Esq. '06
The Honorable Marilyn J. Praisner '96
Eugenia I. Proulx, Ph.D. '04
Barbara B. Roques, R.N., J.D. '00
John Savich '04
George C. Shenk '96
Dr. Hoke L. Smith '94
Bennie L. Thayer '96
Larry E. Walton '97
Clemon H. Wesley '94
Jeanette D. Wessel '96
John M. Williams '93
Jan T. Wiseman '04