Nominate Someone

Every Day is a Good Day to Nominate Someone!

We know you know many great leaders who would be terrific Leadership Maryland members. Nomination season for Class of 2016 nominees is now underway.  Please complete a nomination form so we may send your nominees an application packet in early September.  Interested leaders may also self-nominate. There is no limit to the number of people you may nominate.  2016 Nomination Form

Please also encourage your nominees to apply for the program.    To make the application process even easier, we've added an online application.   Just click "Apply" on the top horizontal navigation bar.

Ask your nominees to visit our website for more information about Leadership Maryland.

What Type of Person Are We Looking For?

  • Someone who is already an accomplished leader and holds a senior-level position in his or her profession
  • Someone who volunteers time and energy to their community, who believes in giving back and paying it forward, and who recognizes the personal and professional benefits of doing so
  • Someone who wants to make a significant contribution towards shaping our great state of Maryland
  • And, someone who wants to continue supporting the efforts of the organization after completing the program.

Application packets are mailed to all nominees in early September and the application deadline is October 30, 2015.   Applicant interviews are conducted in December and January, and the new class is announced in early February.  For more information, contact us.

Class Session dates for the 2016 year:
March 14 (evening reception)
April 14 & 15
May 12 & 13
June 16 & 17 
July 14 & 15
September 15 & 16
October 20 & 21
November 11
December 6